About Imagine Demolition & Deconstruction

Imagine Demolition & Deconstruction is based in San Diego, California and has been in the demo business for nearly 40 years now. Throughout the years, we have proudly serviced cities, contractors, developers, and homeowners. Our top priorities are our customers’ utmost satisfaction, our quality of service, responsiveness, and efficiency. We are family-owned and operated and have successfully completed projects throughout the county of San Diego. We pride ourselves on our reliability and doing things correctly the first time.

What is most unique about Imagine Demolition & Deconstruction? We take precautionary measures to ensure that everything we work on, in or near your home, is dust protected. We do this by closing and sealing all air vents in order to prevent dust and debris from tainting our workspace or, more importantly, your living space. Be sure to contact us today for one of a kind demolition services in the greater San Diego County.